It was time to get new wheels.  Do you have any idea how much a wheelchair costs...
Even without all those neat bells and whistles?

Mail checks to:
Simpatico Foundation
c/o Millers
12746 Kling Street
Studio City, CA 91604
Write VINCENT in the memo field of your check.
Paypal receipts and funds will be forwarded to Simpatico if you use a credit card.

You are being asked to donate Vincent dollars.  Vincent fell and is in need of some picking up. 

Note that Paypal charges a small transaction fee that is very small on large amounts..

Vincent Slaughter's Community Log
After viewing or
updating Vincent's log below.
(Updates may be
included in the book.)

Please buy his T-Shirt,
his Book and shop  his
Mall & Affiliates.

Pass this link on.

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